Could your current software provider recognise these as fraudulent attempts?

Facebanx’s does – just by looking at it!!

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End-to-end Identification and Authentication Lifecycle

Facebanx provides a complete solution for the end-to-end lifecycle of authentication and verification of every one of your customers. Customer onboarding and authentication

When you onboard a new customer or re-onboard an existing one, Facebanx’s live streaming technology provides the securest method for proving the customer is in fact who they say they are.

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“Subject Access Requests” for GDPR require strong customer authentication

How can businesses authenticate that it really is their client who is making a Subject Access Request under GDPR? The ramifications of this are significant for all organisations that store customer’s data digitally.

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The biometric solutions can be used either independently or in any combination




Multi modal risk based authentication

Every time the customer then attempts to access their account, Facebanx’s multi modal risk based biometrics is used to confirm their identity.

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Regulatory compliant payments solution for PSD2

If a customer wants to make a payment from an account then Facebanx’s PyramID payments process is utilised which is the most secure process on the market today.

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Proof of life solution

And finally when the customer is looking to confirm they are entitled to receive regular pension payments, Facebanx’s Proof of life solution offers the best method to stop fraudulent payments from occurring.

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Facebanx has devised a unique combination of products that when combined solve all of your online authentication and verification needs.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is used either independently as a stand alone biometric for secure access or as part of a multi modal solution.

It can be used either as a device based solution or server side depending on your organisations risk based authentication processes.

It works simply by the camera on a device being turned on and a biometric match that either compares the face on a one to one basis or on a one to many depending on the stage of the customer’s onboarding and authentication process.

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Voice Recognition

Voice recognition works by comparing the voice of an individual against a pre-recorded voiceprint. Its advantage is that it works on every telephone by utilising the microphone within the device.

It can be used either as a single biometric or part of a multi modal solution for extra security.

When used for secure access, customers speak out loud a set of randomly generated numbers, which are then compared, either on the device or on the server. The advantage of device based authentication is one of speed, but for a more accurate authentication server side is more secure.

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Live Streaming

Live streaming or video streaming as it is sometimes referred to is the ability to broadcast the image from a camera on a device to another individual in real time. It is a one way broadcast where the video broadcast can be sent live, but the person can only reply back via typing.

It is a very versatile technology that can be used for a lot of different solutions where you need to confirm that someone is in fact who they say they are online. For instance, in order to confirm that someone is the correct person to make a large financial transfer you can request that the individual simply clicks on an app or page within a browser and starts a live stream

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ID document capture

Facebanx’s ID document software will Optical Character Recognition (OCR) all of the data from the document, and confirm where possible that the document is real. It will compare the data from the document against the data entered within the registration process. It can also compare the face on the ID document and check it against a selfie that the customer conducts to provide an additional layer of security.

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Your customers don’t have to move away from the comfort of their home to open a bank account, obtain a credit card, get medical advice and access their government accounts.

The customer’s identity will be confirmed within minutes and an account could be opened and a credit card dispatched by the end of the video chat.

The video chat offers a personal approach to customers who might want more information about offers or issues with their accounts. They can be identified easily using a biometric even before they have started the video chat conversation saving even more time.

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Liveness detection

In order to confirm that a customer who utilises a biometric to login is in fact a real person and not an imposter, liveness detection is utilised.

Liveness detection uses a number of technologies to confirm that the biometric belongs to a living individual depending on the biometric used.

It is an essential tool that is used within every biometric verification and authentication process.

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It works on every platform!

Allow you to access your accounts independent of the platform you use.


Current password technology is over 20 years old. Organisations require new, secure and innovative Identification & Verification (ID&V) solutions. Facebanx provides a number of convenient and easy to use solutions that have the ability to confirm that the customer is in fact who they say they are.

Facebanx offers the ability to stop fraud occurring at the first point of contact with the customer thus restricting the ability of organised criminals to conduct multiple account fraud and account takeovers.

Facebanx’s secure payments solution is secure, frictionless and regulatory compliant and is the only one currently available that meets of the needs of PSD2.