Liveness Detection

In order to confirm that a customer who utilises a biometric to login is in fact a real person and not an imposter, liveness detection is utilised.

Liveness detection uses a number of technologies to confirm that the biometric belongs to a living individual depending on the biometric used.

For an individual biometric a specific liveness technology is used. Face recognition has to ask customers for specific movements which can then be measured. Voice recognition uses a number of tools to measure pre-recorded voices used in replay attacks. Fingerprint sensors can detect heat.

Strong liveness detection is used when multiple biometrics are combined into one login process. When face and voice recognition is combined, liveness detection recognises the facial movements when the customer speaks out loud the random numbers and also matches the speech pattern of each individual number.

Combined biometrics using liveness detection stops replay attacks from happening and is the most secure from of liveness detection.