Customer onboarding and authentication

How do you confirm that someone is in fact who they say they are when for instance they want to open an online bank account or need to confirm a multi million pound money transfer.

The easiest and most secure method is to use Facebanx’s live streaming technology in combination with face and voice recognition and document verification.

In order to register a customer they simply click on an app or page within a browser that starts a live stream.

Account registration

Customers are requested as either part of a new account registration process or an account update, to add their face, voice and document on a self service basis via live streaming.

After the customer fills out your organizations standards questions such as name, address date of birth etc, a request appears to add their biometric data and ID document. If this is during an enrolment on an app, the camera on the device will turn on and a live stream will start.

As soon as the camera on the device is turned on, the whole event is being transmitted live back to the banks server to either watch live in real time or recorded so that it can be reviewed later.

What makes the system so secure is the fact that the person is seen holding their ID document in front of their camera whose data can either be taken from that or simply used as a visual confirmation.

Face and voice recognition can also be used within the live stream for account registration and can then be used for a secure verification process to access their account online.

At the same time, device recognition, credit checking and behavioural analytics are taking place to flag up any issues.

As a back up, if the customer has any technical problems or needs to discuss any questions then they can use Facebanx’s video chat software to speak face to face with a member of your support team.