Live streaming

Live streaming or video streaming as it is sometimes referred to is the ability to broadcast the image from a camera on a device to another individual in real time. It is a one way broadcast where the face and voice can be sent live, but the person can only reply back via typing.

It is a very versatile technology that can be used for a lot of different solutions where you need to confirm that someone is in fact who they say they are online. For instance, in order to confirm that someone is the correct person to make a large financial transfer you can request that the individual simply clicks on an app or page within a browser and starts a live stream. They could then be seen to say, for instance;

“Hi Emma, I would like to confirm that I need to transfer the sum of £20m from our Deutsch bank account ending in 4338 to our sterling account at HSBC account 3445. Here are my ID credentials”

As soon as the camera on the device is turned on, the whole event is being transmitted live back to the banks server to either watch live in real time or recorded so that it can be reviewed later.

What makes the system so secure is the fact that the person is seen holding their ID document in front of their camera whose data can either be taken from that or simply used as a visual confirmation.

Face and voice recognition can also be used within the live stream for account registration and can then be used for a secure verification process to access their account online.

At the same time, device recognition, credit checking and behavioural analytics are taking place to flag up any issues.

Suppose a customer their account taken over. In order to reinstate it, they could can simply contact the bank and ask them to review the original film when they registered and do a quick face recognition to confirm their identity as well as hold up their initial ID document.