Facebanx Partners with SpeechPro to Offer Multi-Modal Biometric Capabilities 

London, May 20th 2015 


Facebanx, a provider of biometric security technology has joined forces with SpeechPro, a global leader in voice biometrics solutions, to bring enhanced face and voice recognition solutions to Facebanx’s global telecomm and banking industry customers.  With an eye on innovation and best-in-class security software solutions, Facebanx will now offer SpeechPro’s proprietary “VoiceKey.OnePass” technology through its mobile, PC and tablet platform solution.

With an emphasis on increasing security for account access authentication, Facebanx’s partnership with Speechpro is a natural fit. The combined solution gives consumers the ability to log into mobile apps using voice and face authentication instead of traditional passwords, pins, or RFID. Developed by SpeechPro’s industry leading R&D team, VoiceKey.OnePass utilizes proprietary voice biometric algorithms and supplemental technologies. Facebanx will deploy face and voice recognition technology in tandem with their “document ID” analysis to further bolster account security for boarding new customers and account transactions.

Matthew Silverstone, the CEO of Facebanx is delighted with the partnership “one of the key requirements for our customers is being able to choose from a number of different biometric solutions to offer our customers and SpeechPro’s technology is an excellent solution”.
Alexei Khitrov, President of Speechpro said “we are happy to partner with Facebanx, a like-minded company with goals to increase security through multi-modal biometrics, while simultaneously improving user experience for customers. We are confident that the implementation of VoiceKey.OnePass will strengthen their best-in-class solutions offered to customers in the telecomm and financial services sectors.”

About Facebanx

Facebanx created a unique hub for biometrics in 2013 that provides a multi factor solution for any company that wants to have a single api for all of their biometrics solutions. By adding ID document capture as well their hub provides a multi-layered verification solution for enhanced KYC (Know Your Customer) tools. Facebanx have pioneered the technology to work with any of today’s devices such as a PC, tablet or smartphone that is fitted with a camera.  No additional hardware is required.
Facebanx also provides a full CRM video chat solution that includes both face and voice recognition, and the possibility to capture and verify ID documents such as passports and driving licences whilst in a face to face chat with a customer services agent.

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About SpeechPro

SpeechPro is a global leader in development of cutting-edge solutions in Speech Recording, Analysis and Voice Biometrics. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and wealth of resources to deliver innovative solutions for Law Enforcement and Enterprise customers. The strength of our technology comes from our 400 employees including a world-class R&D team of over 150 specialists with almost 30 PhDs on board. Our R&D capability allows us to quickly respond to the market's demands, develop best in class technologies (confirmed by independent testing) and customize high quality solutions in a timely manner. SpeechPro's global outreach spans over 200 resellers and partners worldwide with deployments in  over 75 countries.

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